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Nature conservation is the ONLY choice

On the 23rd Nov 2019, the Sumatran rhinoceros became extinct in Malaysia.

Now, there are fewer than 150 wild tigers in Malaysia’s forests.

Do our children have the chance to see these beautiful Malaysia creatures?

How the Project Works

Goals for the Project


…so more people will know about the IUCN Red List and the situation of our endangered species.


…about the food chain and ecosystem of the Malaysian Rainforest.


…by making the learning process fun and engaging.


Design of the Game

The purpose of the game is to create a balanced ecosystem, which reflects the food web of the rainforest. 

Game Features

Easy to Learn

Learn the game within 5 minutes, then enjoy the game for hours.

Stunning drawings

The illustrations of the species is originally drew by veteran artist. They are the perfect interpretation of "The God Is In The Detail".


Cards filled with species' scientific name, description, IUCN endanger categories, height, and weight.

fun and strategic

The game is fun, but require strategy thinking at the same time.

Reviews from people

Fun and educative. A card placement game about food chain that comes with fully detailed information on the floras and faunas, where you can learn and have fun at the same time!!
Lim Zhun Shean
Board Game Fantasy (Youtuber)
A game with theme of Science! The game allows me to think strategically. I love to maximize my score through planning.
Ng Shi Keat
Primary Student
The game is quite solid. The artwork on the cards are fantastic and attractive as well. Would love to play again!
Choong Chee King
Jom Main Board Game Host

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