Together, We Play for Change

Welcome to our CSR program, where sponsorship meets community empowerment through innovative education and play initiatives.

Teacher Trainig

Offers comprehensive teacher training, equipping educators with innovative skills and methods.

Play Program

Our play-based program empowers communities by fostering learning and creativity.

Board Game Club

Brings communities together, fostering social connections


Provides vital support to communities, empowering them through trainings and programs.

Transform community with play!

Building strong communities is essential for fostering social cohesion, learning, and a sense of belonging.

Reimagining CSR.

Building lasting community impact through transformative education and connection-building initiatives.

Teacher training sessions have been conducted at SJK(C) Tiang Dua, Melaka, where educators have been introduced to gamification techniques in education.

SJK(C) Tiang Dua, Melacca

Happy Communities

We have implemented CSR project in Sg. Way, PJ, where students from the community  participate in engaging board game activities, fostering social interaction and enriching educational experiences.

Sungai Way, PJ

Our play program provides children with engaging board game sessions, fostering joy and learning in a nurturing environment.

Kg. Telok Menegon, Klang

make a meaningful impact

Join us by sponsoring our program, where your support will empower communities, transform lives, and create lasting change.


By sponsoring an entire program at RM3500, you cover all activities and tools, including teacher training, play programs, and board games to form a club, ensuring comprehensive support for one community’s holistic development.

Absolutely! We value your input and commitment to community engagement. You can nominate a specific community close to your heart, and we’ll work together to ensure your CSR program makes a significant impact where it’s needed most.

Of course, we welcome sponsorships of all sizes. Whether it’s a small amount like RM10 or a larger contribution, every donation helps us make a difference!

By pooling smaller donations, we can collectively reach the RM3500 threshold needed to initiate a project in a community.

Funds received through sponsorship are thoughtfully allocated to support various initiatives such as teacher training, play programs, and providing resources like board games to communities in need.

want to
make an

Sponsor and help build stronger communities!

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